• Fully wireless doorbell (Z-Wave protocol)
  • Store up to 100 ringtones from your favorite mp3's
  • Adjustable volume
  • Requires a gateway controller which supports Z-Wave Plus
  • 2 year battery life
  • Weatherproof wireless button included
  • Easy and flexible installation

Load the Aeotec doorbell with your favorite tunes and include it to your Z-Wave network to rediscover one of the basic elements of every home. The Z-Wave doorbell is easy to set up and fully customizable. Adjust the volume with short presses of the dedicated volume button. Skip from one ring tone to another by long-pressing the volume button. 

Pair the doorbell with your Z-Wave Plus compatible gateway controller to configure the device remotely and include it in scenes or events featuring other components in your network. Use the doorbell to trigger Z-Wave enabled lighting. Receive notifications whenever someone rings your doorbell and let them in using a smart door lock


Insert the battery to the wireless button, install it at the location of your choice, using 20mm screws or mounting tape and plug the siren to a standard receptacle anywhere at the house. Your doorbell is now ready to use!

If you would like to customize the ringtones with the music from your library, simply connect the speaker to your computer via the USB cable provided and drag and drop the files like with any other external drive. Include the doorbell to your Z-Wave network by sending an inclusion command from your controller and pressing the action button on the speaker to activate the device. Once the Doorbell is paired with your Z-wave gateway, use the interface to easily navigate through ringtone control and additional settings for the device.

NOTE: If for some reason the wireless button does not seem to communicate with the speaker or you need to exchange one of the parts, you may have to pair the components. To perform the pairing process, please press the Volume - and Volume + buttons at the same time - the led indicator on the speaker will start flashing rapidly. Press the wireless button once to complete pairing.

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